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Thanks for stopping by. We have a few specials today, plus some old standbys. If you haven't heard them before, I highly recommend checking out the "singing" (and "screaming") yeast over on the right under "Fun Stuff."
While you're there, you can also view the effects of fermented figs on some of our badly behaving locals.


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Friends & Neighbors

There are a great many websites and blogs that have loads of information and are a ton of fun. Below are four of my "must reads" who should be on everybody's daily review list.
Send us your favorites, and tell us why! (We'll give you credit.)

  • Sku's Recent Eats
  • Chuck Cowdery's Blog
  • Tom Fischer's Bourbon Blog
  • Fred Minnick's Blog
  • Mark Gillespie's WHISKEY CAST

  • Highlights from The Industry News

    Mark Brown's Industry News is something akin to what President Obama must receive every morning from the Defense Department: critical updates on virtually every facet of the beverage industry. We've put together a running selection of those items most relevant to us, along with others gleaned from additional sources. Some big issues, such as the INBEV merger with SABMiller have their own thread.

    Science & Health

    The arguments regarding alcohol science and alcohol health seem to swing wildly back and forth. We of the pro-alcohol persuasion need to keep our eyes on these things, lest we get carried away and commit foolery like believing we can limit our intake to three beers (or equivalents) a week and not devolve into raving lunacy, not that it matters that much any more, right?